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Welcome to the website of the 14th International Conference on Heat Engines and Environmental Protection!

The thermodynamic processes, the construction of machines and equipment, the fuel composition and fuel quality all have decisive role in the operation of power generation and energy utilisation systems and its components. Meanwhile or efforts are related find and apply the economic and efficient ways we keep in mind that all these activities have extremely high impact on the environment. The conservation of the nature and the efficient, secure, economic and social affordable supply of energy is the main task nowadays in energy engineering. The conference subjects will be according to these goals that could be reached by the innovative utilization of the traditional and the renewable energy resources. In the conference those technologies are in the focuses that serve the sustainability independently whether the renewable or traditional energy related issues and the theoretical subjects are welcome as well.

The aim of the conference, organized on the 14th occasion at Mátrafüred, is providing a forum for all those who are interested in the announced subjects and means to survey the possibilities, the results and the development trends towards a better, sustainable word. 

Thanks to the many preliminary Registration the Program of the conference seems to be exciting - see Program menu item. We encourage all Visitors join to the conference authors with full paper or with poster. Let inform your colleagues as well about the possibilities. Warmly welcome also everybody who simply would like listening the presentations and take part in the foregoing discussions.